The AIM’23 Inbound Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to foster cross-border interactions, interdisciplinary learning, and innovative collaborations. Our program features the following objectives, purposes, and benefits, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offering a unique opportunity to engage with the Prime Minister.

The ASEAN Inbound Program, themed “Holistic Knowledge: Nurturing ASEAN’s Scholars and Leaders,” encompasses a wide range of impactful activities, including:

This program aims to provide knowledge transfer by exposing them to the cultural, economic, political, educational, and ecological aspects of other countries in order to develop global mindsets for career advancement and success in any environment. A chance for international students to broaden their intellectual and cultural understanding of Asia through educational visits. The whole experience will develop the capabilities and talents of international students to become globally mobile and culturally adept and successful at working with diverse populations in an array of fields. Listed are the main objectives of this program

These purposes reflect the program’s commitment to holistic education, sustainable development, and the empowerment of future scholars and leaders within the ASEAN region. They provide a clear and meaningful direction for the program’s activities and outcomes, which can resonate with potential sponsors and participants alike.

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