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First of all, I would like to welcome and extend my appreciation to all the participants and delegates to 5th PRISAL International Conferences. This is our first collaboration between Pharmaceutical Royal International Society (PRISAL) and University College of MAIWP International (UCMI) to organize these conferences in Malaysia.

In my perspective, these conferences will be benefit to all delegates and participants also a good platform for industrial and researcher to share their latest developments and their findings in the pharmaceutical industry. In this opportunity I would like to congratulate for those who will receive the awards from the PRISAL committee.

I hope that all participants of the conferences will gain rewarding experiences from all the studies and findings presented during the event. I share my gratitude to all who are willing to share their experiences and research findings for the benefit of not only Malaysia, but also other countries worldwide, represented by their delegates. I would like to welcome all delegates to capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoy the Malaysian Hospitality and cultures during your stay here.

To all committee, congratulations for all the tremendous teamwork effort in making this event be reality. I express my appreciation to all committee from PRISAL and UCMI for your support throughout the preparation for these successful conferences.

Wishing all the best to participants and delegates and enjoy the conferences.


Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Azizi Bin Wan Sulaiman


University College MAIWP International (UCMI)

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Main Hall
19 AUGUST 2023
Meeting Hall
19 AUGUST 2023
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